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Class Activities
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119th BRC Graduates
"Graduation" photos
"Achievement Awards" photos
"Family Fun Day and Recruit Class Banquet" photos
"Taser" photos
"Radar" photos
"PR-24" photos
"Tear Gas" photos
"Personal Protection Equipment Suit" photos
"Certified Recruits First Day" photos
"Assignment" photos
"Traffic Stop" photos
"Vehicle Operation" photos
"Firearms" photos
"Pepper Spray" photos
"Blood Bank" photos
"Directing Traffic" photos
"Promotions" photos
"First Aid" photos
"Defensive Tactics" photos
"CPR" photos
"First Day" photos

Recruits should be prepared, it can happen anytime....anywhere...


119th BRC
Jean Aime
Julian Cabrera
Michael Cox
Matthew Davis
Alexia Dean
Ahmed Del Sol
Nicholas Delfino
Thomas Dimaio
Daniel Dominguez
Augusto Espinoza
Alain Fernandez
Sonja Grant
Joshua Greene
Alberto Gutierrez
Emilio Haro
Robert Hoover
Robert Hull
Byron Johnson
Enock Jonnalus
Justin Martin
Hector Martinez
Richard Martinez
Rene Martinez
Daniel Mintz
Steven Montiero
Daniel Morley
Enrique Murga
Christopher Naya
Christopher Owen
Lawrence Quinto
Nicholas Reid
Sean Robertson
Christopher Robinson
James Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez
George Rosa
Earl Scott
Timothy Scott
Stephen Sheardown
Thomas Stone
Lavondra Wallace
Matthew Williams
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