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Class Activities
FHP Training Academy Home Page
115th BRC Graduates
"Courtroom" photos
"Radar" photos
Certified Recruits "First Day" photos

These recruits are law enforcement officers from other agencies who go through eight weeks of
Agency Specified Training to become members of the Florida Highway Patrol.

"Mobile Field Force" photos
The 115th "Directing Traffic in Quincy" photos
"Traffic Stops" photos
"Pepper Spray" photos

Recruits take on the dreaded pepper spray then learn various maneuvers to deal with suspects while under the effects. Afterwards they are rewarded with cooling water and fans, a group shot and one last task.

"Fistman" photos

Recruits learn various techniques to deal with confrontations with suspects.

"Defensive Tactics" photos
"Firearms" photos
"Vehicle Operations" photos
"First Aid/CPR" photos
"Promotion" photos
Lt. Colonel John Czernis Presents Rank Insignia
"First Day" photos


115th BRC
Hector Alvarez
Andrew Barrett
Matthew Boatwright
Joel Bowser
Ryan Brown
Paula Carlson
William Chambers
Jeremy Cohen
John Costa
Jesse DeBoom
David DeCarlis
Jason Dungan
Christopher Fordham
Lance Foureau
Craig Gaines
Jacki George
Mark Kemp
Ryan Korzeb
Philippe LeBrun
Robert Martin
Ronald McKelvin
Connie McNeill
Matthew Mihm, Jr.
Gualberto Morales
Nicholas Morris
Rachelle Norton
Mark Nyman
Joel Puerto
Robert Ray
Stanley Rice, Jr.
Ricky Seay
Elizabeth Shepperd
Ronny Snipes
Richard Sousa
Christopher Stephens
Steven Varnell
Miguel Vasquez
Maurice Vilsaint
Walter Wilkinson, II
Bryan Woodard
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