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September 2009

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Trooper Elmore
Trooper Eddie Elmore
Troop A - Panama City

Congratulations to Trooper Eddie Elmore for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for September 2009, for his actions during a traffic stop.

Trooper Elmore was working stationary radar and clocked a vehicle at a high rate of speed. Upon stopping the vehicle he observed a female passenger in the back seat exhibiting signs of distress. Trooper Elmore questioned the driver and determined that the female passenger suffered from a litany of ailments including heart problems. The passenger then stated that her chest was hurting and she began having trouble breathing. Trooper Elmore immediately summoned emergency medical services. Almost immediately thereafter, the female passenger began to go into convulsions and then became unresponsive.

Trooper Elmore extracted her from the rear of the vehicle and checked her vital signs. He found a pulse but no respiration. Trooper Elmore gave the passenger three rescue breaths and checked her vital signs again. This time he found no sign of life and administered CPR to the female passenger.

After two rounds of CPR the female passenger began to breathe on her own and showed signs of improvement. EMS arrived and transported her to the hospital.

Trooper Elmore is to be commended for his actions and his commitment to the safety of the people of Florida.

Congratulations for being selected Trooper of the Month for September 2009.

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