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June 2009

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Corporal LeBrun
Trooper Philippe LeBrun
Troop A - Pensacola

Congratulations to Trooper Philippe LeBrun for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for June 2009, for his actions during an incident in a single month.

On June 13, 2009 Trooper LeBrun was parked in his patrol vehicle at the Navarre Park parking lot observing traffic on SR 30. This location was chosen based on the uprising of serious motor vehicle accidents in the area. As Trooper LeBrun looked to the south he observed a capsized vessel at least 200 yards off shore. On this particular day the sea conditions were not the best with extreme gusts of wind coming from the southwest. Trooper LeBrun secured his patrol vehicle and proceeded to the shore line to get a better view of the situation. Using his binoculars he was able to see at least one victim in the water. The victim, who was barely visible, was attempting to maintain a hold on the vessel.

Trooper LeBrun then informed dispatch of his location and advised that fire rescue with water rescue equipment was needed. Due to weather conditions on that day dispatch did not receive the full message. Trooper LeBrun returned to his patrol vehicle to send the message via car radio and upon his return to the shoreline he found the victim had become separated from the vessel. Trooper Lebrun felt that the victims rescue could not wait until water rescue personnel arrived so he prepared to enter the water himself. The victim was being propelled eastward and it seemed as if this task was going to be impossible. A fire truck with two emergency personnel had arrived and Trooper LeBrun directed them to keep eye contact with the victim while he prepared to enter the water.

As Trooper LeBrun repositioned himself to save the victim more emergency personnel appeared. One of the EMT’s informed Trooper LeBrun that they were a certified lifeguard and took his place entering the water. He continued to coordinate the rescue from shore. As the victim was brought back to safety several bystanders rendered assistance. After assuring that the victim was out of harm’s way Trooper LeBrun secured the capsized vessel so that it would not be hazardous to others. Trooper LeBrun is commended for his actions during this incident and his demonstrated commitment to the people of Florida.

Trooper LeBrun is to be commended for his actions during this incident and his demonstrated commitment to the people of Florida. Congratulations for being selected Trooper of the Month for June 2009.

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