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February 2010

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Trooper Bonner
Trooper Michael Bonner
Troop D - Cocoa

Congratulations to Trooper Michael Bonner for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for February 2010, for his actions during a single incident in Troop D.

Trooper Bonner was on duty Sunday, February 07, 2010, when he observed a Buick exiting Interstate 95. This vehicle did not have any operational brake or tail lights and the license plate was not visible. Trooper Bonner activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. He then noticed that the driver was wearing a mask and what appeared to be a curly wig. Trooper Bonner also noticed a Chevy pickup truck behind his patrol unit that was keeping up with the pursuit.

During this pursuit, Trooper Bonner received information that the two vehicles were possibly involved in a homicide. After traveling at speeds well over 100 mph, the Buick began to smoke and to slow down. The Buick and the Chevy came to a stop. Trooper Bonner quickly exited his patrol vehicle and took a tactical position. He then ordered the suspects to immediately lie face down on the ground with their hands to their sides. Trooper Bonner then detained three suspects until backup units could arrive.

A search of the immediate area revealed a small black semi-automatic handgun. A female suspect stated that the driver had given it to her and told her to throw it in the woods. It was later learned that the driver of the Buick would have attempted to shoot Trooper Bonner had he not taken immediate control of the situation. As a result of this stop Trooper Bonner also secured valuable evidence that was later utilized in a homicide investigation conducted by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

The driver of the Buick was found to have a suspended license and the driver of the pickup was a Habitual Traffic Offender. Both were arrested and charged with several felony and misdemeanor charges. This investigation has led to the arrest of one suspect for First Degree Murder with more arrests expected. Due to Trooper Bonner’s actions during this incident, he is to be commended for his demonstrated commitment to the people of Florida and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Congratulations for being selected Trooper of the Month for February 2010.

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