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July 2005

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Trooper Douglas Strickland
Troop C - Tampa

Trooper Drake
Trooper Ronald Drake
Troop C - Tampa

Congratulations to Troopers Douglas Strickland and Ronald Drake for being selected as co-recipients of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month Award for July 2005, for their life-saving actions in rendering aid to a person injured in the aftermath of Hurricane Dennis.

While performing assigned Response Team Duties during the Hurricane Dennis detail in the Florida Panhandle, Troopers Strickland and Drake were approached by a severely injured man who was bleeding profusely. It was obvious to the troopers that the victim had suffered a severe injury, severing his upper thigh just above the knee with a chain saw he had been using to cut up a tree blocking a roadway. The troopers recognized that the location of the injury and the amount of blood loss indicated the victim might have cut a major artery, and could be in danger of bleeding to death.

After applying a makeshift splint with a fallen limb, the troopers stabilized the man’s leg and maintained pressure on the wound. Keeping the injured man calm, they provided comfort to him and his wife. Since radio communication was not possible in the area assistance was sought from a nearby fire station. Upon the arrival of a local ambulance, the victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The quick thinking and first responder skills of Troopers Strickland and Drake helped save a man’s life, and they are commended for their actions!

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