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February 2005

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Trooper Sutherland
Trooper Michael Sutherland
Troop F - Bradenton

Congratulations to Trooper Michael Sutherland for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for February 2005 for his life saving actions using CPR to revive a crash victim.

On February 11, 2005, Trooper Sutherland was at his daughter’s house on his day off when he witnessed a traffic crash on a nearby street. Trooper Sutherland responded to the scene and upon arriving, observed two vehicles with heavy damage, one of which was still rolling to a stop. Trooper Sutherland was able to get this vehicle stopped and make contact with the driver who was shaken, but not injured.

Trooper Sutherland rushed to check on the driver of the second vehicle. He found a female driver unconscious and three children all crying for their mother. Trooper Sutherland was able to calm the children while he removed the driver from the vehicle and laid her flat on the ground. Trooper Sutherland evaluated the crash victim, opened her airway, and finding that she was not breathing, administered CPR.

After the first set of compressions, the victim gasped for air. Trooper Sutherland stopped CPR and began to monitor her condition while calling the Manatee County Emergency Medical Services for assistance.

Trooper Sutherland acted in the highest tradition of the Florida Highway Patrol and is commended for his life saving actions.

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