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August 2007

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Corporal DeWeese
Corporal Daniel A. DeWeese
Troop B - Lake City

Congratulations to Corporal Daniel A. DeWeese for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for August 2007. His calm, quick response to a motorist needing roadside assistance while changing a tire prevented injuries that could have permanently disabled the motorist.

On August 25, 2007, on the way home from being on duty all night investigating a fatal traffic crash, Corporal DeWeese observed a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The driver was attempting to change a tire, and stated that he did not need assistance. Corporal DeWeese chose to stay and keep his emergency lights activated in order to warn other motorists of a disabled vehicle. Upon returning to his patrol car, Corporal DeWeese heard a cry of pain from the motorist, and realized the jack had malfunctioned allowing the vehicle to fall on the motorist's legs. Corporal DeWeese calmly summoned emergency personnel via FHP Communication Center, and then physically lifted the vehicle enough that the motorist was able to free his legs from beneath the vehicle.

Corporal DeWeese's quick thinking and physical abilities saved the motorist from what could have resulted in permanent disability.

Corporal Daniel A. DeWeese is hereby commended for his excellent response and actions, and congratulated for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month for August 2007.

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