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August 2004

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Corporal McCoy
Corporal Helen McCoy
Troop C - Lakeland

Congratulations to Corporal Helen McCoy for being selected as FHP's Trooper of the Month for August 2004, for her quick life-saving actions in freeing a motorist who was pinned beneath his car after his tire jack broke.

On August 24, 2004, while filling her patrol car's gas tank at a Polk County gas facility, Corporal McCoy heard a faint cry for help coming from the distance. Corporal McCoy stopped filling her gas tank and immediately began to patrol through the adjoining neighborhood. Corporal McCoy finally located a lady frantically working on a car jack. Corporal McCoy asked if she needed assistance and the lady pointed to a car that was on the ground and told her that there was a man under the car.

Corporal McCoy summoned the assistance of the Polk County EMS, and then used her patrol car's jack to raise the car from on top of the victim. With the car in the air, Corporal McCoy began to triage his injuries and performed first aid until EMS arrived. The victim suffered injuries to his upper torso and burns across his body. Further investigation revealed that he had been working under the car when the jack collapsed and came crushing down on him.

Corporal Helen McCoy acted in the highest tradition of the Florida Highway Patrol, and is commended for her actions!

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