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November 2001

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Trooper Daniels
Trooper Ronald Daniels

Congratulations to Trooper Ronald E. Daniels for being selected as the recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month award for November 2001, based on his heroic life-saving actions.

On November 26, 2001, Trooper Daniels responded to a major traffic crash involving a patrol car and another vehicle. Trooper Daniels was informed that a patrol car had been hit, and was advised by the communications center that an occupant was trapped inside the overturned vehicle. Within minutes of being notified of the incident, Daniels arrived on the scene. Trooper Daniels quickly assessed the situation and was able to determine that the vehicle that had rear-ended the patrol car had overturned, trapping its two occupants inside.

Daniels found both occupants suspended by their seatbelts. One occupant, an elderly female, was non-responsive. After cutting the passenger loose, Trooper Daniels realized she was not breathing and performed CPR. Daniels was able to successfully resuscitate Ms. Jeanne Buchanan, saving her life. Upon the arrival of medical personnel, Ms. Buchanan was flown to the hospital where she was soon in stable condition. Without a doubt, Daniels' quick and heroic actions saved Ms. Buchanan's life.

Trooper Ronald Daniels acted in the highest tradition of the Florida Highway Patrol and is hereby commended for his actions. Again, we congratulate Trooper Daniels for being selected as Trooper of the Month for November 2001!

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