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May 1999

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Trooper Henning
Trooper George T. Henning
Troop E - Miami

Trooper George T. Henning has been selected as recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month award for May 1999, based on his outstanding effort in apprehending two suspects wanted for a home invasion robbery.

On May 11, 1999, Trooper Henning was at Deering Hospital in Miami completing a crash investigation. Earlier that evening, the Miami-Dade Police Department had issued a "BOLO" regarding a home invasion robbery that had occurred at S.W. 216th Street and S.W. 121 Avenue. While in the emergency room, Trooper Henning noticed two persons who matched the description of the suspects described in the home invasion bulletin.

Henning then questioned the emergency room personnel regarding these two possible suspects, and one of the doctors verified that one of the individuals had suffered a gunshot wound to the elbow. At this point, Trooper Henning left the room momentarily to request a backup. When Trooper Carl Holm arrived to assist, both of the troopers entered the emergency room and arrested the suspect that was wounded. Although the other suspect had left the area while Trooper Henning was calling for assistance, Henning later identified the suspect from a photo line-up. Officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department subsequently arrested the second suspect based on Trooper Henning's identification.

Trooper Henning is a 10-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol assigned to Troop E, Miami.

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