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March 2001

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Trooper Keeling
Trooper Richard Keeling
Troop H - Madison

Trooper Richard H. Keeling has been selected as recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month award for March 2001, based on his actions which resulted in the apprehension of an individual wanted in the states of Florida and Georgia.

On Saturday, March 24, 2001, Trooper Keeling was on his regular day off and while visiting the Pinetta General Store in Madison County, he was approached by a female who requested his assistance regarding an individual living in Pinetta. The female advised him that she knew the individual was wanted in Florida for child molestation. She identified the individual as Alphonzo Martinez and provided a partial date of birth of June 10th. She further stated that she had contacted the Madison County Sheriff’s Office for assistance and was informed they could not take any action without a full date of birth. The lady stated that she was very concerned for the safety of the children in the area and asked for his assistance in removing the individual.

Trooper Keeling recorded the information given to him and returned to his residence. Trooper Keeling contacted Duty Officer Marie McNicol and after several minutes he was successful in identifying the subject and confirming that he was wanted for outstanding warrants in Polk County, Florida for Failure to Pay Child Support in the amount of $8000.00. He was also wanted in Jeff Davis County, Georgia for Violation of Probation for Child Molestation. Upon learning this information, Trooper Keeling contacted the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office advised him that they were unsure if they could arrest the individual for various reasons. Trooper Keeling refused to accept their response and remained adamant in his request that they arrest the individual and remove him from the area. After speaking with several deputies he was successful in convincing them to proceed to the individual’s location and take the individual into custody.

After the individual was taken into custody the Madison County Sheriff’s Office contacted Trooper Keeling and advised the individual may have outstanding warrants in South Carolina for the same offenses.

Because of Trooper Keeling’s persistence this individual was apprehended and removed from the community before he could harm anyone or commit any additional crimes. He performed this service on his regular day off without regard for the amount of time necessary to apprehend this individual. Trooper Keeling’s actions clearly indicate his commitment in keeping the Madison community safe and his personal dedication as a State Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Trooper Keeling is a 20-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol assigned to Troop H, Madison.

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