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June 1999

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Trooper  Tindle
Trooper Tammy S. Tindle
Troop A - Panama City

Trooper Glover
Trooper Rickey N. Glover
Troop C - Tampa

Trooper Tammy S. Tindle and Trooper Rickey N. Glover have been selected as co-recipients of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month award for June 1999, based on their outstanding performance as described below:

During the month of June 1999, while returning from off-duty employment, Trooper Tindle saw a Bay County Deputy Sheriff handling a call in Youngstown, Florida, and she stopped to offer assistance. The Deputy was handling an attempted suicide and had no backup.

Trooper Tindle offered her assistance and entered a private residence at 7242 Waverly Street, Youngstown, Florida 32466, with the Deputy. Inside the residence Tindle and the Deputy found a suicide note and an almost empty bottle of pills. Upon further investigation, they both located a sleeping male, later identified as Samuel L. Hutchinson, in the master bedroom.

After another Deputy and Paramedics arrived, an attempt was made to remove Mr. Hutchinson from the bed and home for medical treatment. During the attempt, Trooper Tindle observed Mr. Hutchinson reaching under the covers of the bed. As Tindle alerted the Deputies and Paramedics to use caution, Mr. Hutchinson removed a knife from under the covers and stabbed himself in the stomach. One of the Deputies managed to gain control of the man’s arm and held it while Trooper Tindle disarmed the man. During Tindle’s struggle for possession of the knife, she received a cut on the thumb of her right hand.

Without regard for her personal safety, Trooper Tindle helped to control a very dangerous situation and was successful in her attempt to disarm Mr. Hutchinson. Trooper Tindle is commended for her bravery and alert actions in helping to bring stability to a very unpredictable situation.

On June 3, 1999 at approximately 12:43 a.m., Trooper Glover was on routine patrol in the area of Interstate 4 (I-4) in Hillsborough County. As he patrolled the eastbound lanes of I-4, Glover decided to turn around at the 13th Avenue exit and patrol the westbound lanes of I-4. As he proceeded to make his turn, Glover observed a physical confrontation between two males at the corner of 22nd Street and 13th Avenue. Trooper Glover reacted quickly by turning toward the incident and calling for assistance.

As Trooper Glover approached the confrontation, one of the males involved in the struggle immediately backed away from the fight and proceeded to identify himself as the store clerk of the nearby Amoco Station at 2207 13th Avenue. The clerk yelled out to Glover that the subject he had been fighting with was armed with a gun, and had attempted to rob the Amoco Store. At this same time, the assailant quickly ran from the area on foot with Trooper Glover directly behind him. As Glover pursued the suspect on foot, the suspect turned his head around to see if Glover was still behind him, and saw that the trooper was quickly gaining on him. Trooper Glover’s physical determination to apprehend the suspect caused him to surrender by stopping and lying on the ground as he shouted, “you got me”. Glover handcuffed and searched the suspect without further incident. No weapons were discovered.

Trooper Glover then brought the suspect, Alphonso Holmes, back to the Amoco Store and discovered that he had attempted to shoplift two cases of beer. The store clerk attempted to prevent the theft and was battered by the suspect. The store clerk then chased the suspect after the initial altercation at the store and was involved in a second altercation when Trooper Glover observed the pair at the intersection of 22nd Street and 13th Avenue.

Trooper Glover subsequently arrested and charged the suspect with; Retail Theft, Battery, Failed to Obey a Lawful Command, Resisting Arrest Without Violence, and Disorderly Intoxication. Later, Glover learned that this suspect had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

Trooper Glover’s actions clearly demonstrate his commitment to protecting and serving citizens. He reacted quickly after observing a violent confrontation, and, without regard for his own personal safety, chased someone who was thought to have just committed a crime of violence. Trooper Glover was determined to apprehend this possibly armed and dangerous suspect, and his physical stamina and dedicated loyalty to his duties prevailed. Trooper Glover prevented what could have easily resulted in the injury or death of an innocent citizen.

Trooper Tindle is a 14-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol assigned to Troop A, Panama City. Trooper Glover is an 8-year veteran assigned to Troop C, Tampa.

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