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August 1999

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Trooper Britt
Trooper Jason T. Britt
Troop A - Blountstown

Trooper Jason T. Britt has been selected as recipient of the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper of the Month award for August 1999 based on his actions that occurred during the following incident:

On July 31, 1999, at 2:51 a.m., Trooper Britt assisted Officer Lee Langley of the Blountstown Police Department with a domestic disturbance at 910 North Pear Street in Blountstown, Florida. Upon his arrival at the Pear Street address, Trooper Britt learned from Officer Langley that a domestic disturbance had erupted between Henry Kyle Summerlin, a twenty-two (22) year old white male, and his father, Ellis Summerlin. Both of these men were intoxicated. The father had calmed down and was inside the residence, but the son, Kyle Summerlin, continued to be aggressive and stated that he was going to take Officer Langley’s gun. Mr. Summerlin had, in fact, tried unsuccessfully to touch Officer Langley’s gun. As Officer Langley attempted to calm Mr. Summerlin, Mr. Summerlin went into the house.

Trooper Britt and Officer Langley decided to leave the area, but as they were leaving, they heard a scream and turned to see Mr. Summerlin standing on the porch holding a young boy, his thirteen (13) year old nephew, around the neck with his left arm. In his right hand was a large knife. Trooper Britt immediately notified his FHP station of the situation.

Trooper Britt and Officer Langley returned to the Pear Street home, and as they approached, Mr. Summerlin placed the knife against the boy’s throat. Mr. Summerlin was ordered to release the boy and drop the knife. After several demands that he release the boy, Mr. Summerlin finally released the boy, but he kept the knife in his hand. Mr. Summerlin then threatened to use the knife on Trooper Britt and Officer Langley.

While this was taking place, Sheriff W. G. (Buddy) Smith, Blountstown Police Chief Robert W. Deason, and Deputy Sheriff D. Temples arrived at the Pear Street address. Still holding the knife, Mr. Summerlin then retrieved his pit bulldog that was chained to the house. Officer Langley then distracted Mr. Summerlin with a flashlight, while Trooper Britt slipped around behind Mr. Summerlin and shouted at him. When Mr. Summerlin turned to look, Trooper Britt sprayed him in the face with his Aerosol Subject Restraint (ASR) spray. This caused Mr. Summerlin to drop the knife and move away from the dog. Officer Langley then arrested Mr. Summerlin for Aggravated Assault and took him into custody. Due to Trooper Britt’s actions, this dangerous situation was diffused without injury to the child, Mr. Summerlin, or Officer Langley.

Trooper Britt is a 3-year veteran of the Florida Highway Patrol assigned to Troop A, Blountstown.

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