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Troopers of the Month
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Troopers of the Month
Troopers of the Month
Troopers of the Month
December 2001
  Ralph W. Lola
November 2001
  Ronald E. Daniels
October 2001
  Stephen Allain
   James Mason
   Clay Murphy
September 2001
  Tammy Tindle
August 2001
  Thomas Ketterle
July 2001
  Steve Julien
June 2001
  Robert Alonso
May 2001
  Andrew J. Maurer
April 2001
  Charles Creel
March 2001
  Richard H. Keeling
February 2001
  Howard J. Arnold
January 2001
  Reginald Edwards
December 2000
  Charles Porter
November 2000
  Thomas A. Brazauskas
October 2000
  Michael L. Merritt
September 2000
  Michael W. Dearing
August 2000
  Ernest Burrs
  Mark Kozma
July 2000
  Jorge Rodriguez
June 2000
  Tyra L. Keplinger
May 2000
  Morris R. Dunn
  James R. Taylor, Jr.
  Harry K. Weaver, Jr.
April 2000
  Marvin G. Wagner Jr.
March 2000
  William E. Nowling
February 2000
  Mark G. Stickel
January 2000
  Ricky Neal
December 1999
  Brett A. McCranie
November 1999
  James G. Brooker
October 1999
  Ronald A. Drake
September 1999
  Dennis J. Sorrells
August 1999
  Jason T. Britt
July 1999
  David E. Dupont
June 1999
  Tammy Tindle
  Rickey N. Glover
May 1999
  George T. Henning
April 1999
  Carlos R. Velasquez
March 1999
  Ronald C. Cox
February 1999
  Pedro Llanio
January 1999
  Mark W. Nevergold
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