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Troopers of the Month
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Troopers of the Month
Troopers of the Month
Troopers of the Month
December 1998
  John Muniz
  Santiago Lopez
November 1998
  John H. Britt, Jr.
October 1998
  Neil P. Moore
September 1998
  Joseph A. Fabiano
August 1998
  William M. Barge, Jr.
July 1998
  Anthony F. DiPace
June 1998
  David F. Rodriguez
May 1998
  Tina M. Case
April 1998
  Ronald L. Roberts
March 1998
  Helen P. McCoy
February 1998
  Jerry L. Adams
  Herbert E. Dulin
  Don R. Hardin
  Timothy A. Wood
January 1998
   John R. Dance
December 1997
  Milton L. Brown
November 1997
  Andrew R. Smith
October 1997
  Gregory E. Edison
September 1997
  Andrew K. Cho
August 1997
  Dennis E. Jetton
July 1997
  Michael W. Roden
  Orlando J. Saavedra
  Andrew R. Smith
June 1997
  John E. Gikas
May 1997
  Jimmy R. Love
April 1997
  William M. King
March 1997
  Thomas P. O'Neil
  Robert E. Morton
  William E. Richards
February 1997
  Christopher J. Hickel
January 1997
  Carl A. Holm
  Evelio H. Quinonez
December 1996
  James M. Raymond
November 1996
  Frank C. Yodonis
October 1996
  Norman R. Frye
September 1996
  Otto H. Bottin, III
August 1996
  Mark G. Wysocky
  Lisa S. Drake
July 1996
  Doyle Herring
  Harry K. Weaver
June 1996
  Elizabeth M. Rupp
May 1996
  John T. Vaught
April 1996
  Kevin A. Kane
March 1996
  Richard J. Elliott
  George Kantor
February 1996
  Carlos Vesco
  John Koch
January 1996
  Robert Astrella
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