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The Hurd-Smith award is given to the FHP trooper with the most Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests in a single year. This award was named in honor of two troopers who were killed in the line of duty by drunk drivers. The "Hurd-Smith Award" is presented annually in memory of:

Trooper Hurd
Trooper Kimberly A. Hurd

Killed by a drunk driver on July 16, 1992

Trooper Smith
Trooper Robert G. Smith

Killed by a drunk driver on July 26, 1997


Trooper Year Awarded
Anthony Palese 2013
Jose Ramirez 2012
Ronald J. Evans 2011
Michael A. Hollis, Jr. 2010
Ronald J. Evans 2009
Terry Goswick 2008
Jacob Vaughn 2007
Richard A. Nardiello 2006
Richard A. Nardiello 2005
Ronald J. Evans 2004
Anthony W. Palese 2003
Richard A. Nardiello 2002
James T. Blanchard 2001
Leif E. Cardwell 2000
David R. Brunner 1999
Darryl T. Davis 1998


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