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Letter of Commendation for Trooper Thomas ID 381

My name is Cheryl Pelletier and I am a Communications Assistant Shift Supervisor with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. My sister and I were driving home from Viera on Tuesday evening, April 10, 2012, when we realized we had a flat tire and we had to pull over just north of SR 528 on I-95 northbound. Though changing a tire may seem insignificant to some, it is a feat that my sister and I have never been able to accomplish on our own. When we pulled over, my sister called her fiancÚ to come and change the tire and I called BCSO dispatch and asked for a Deputy to come and sit with us due to the time of night and because quite frankly, I have seen too many reality TV shows where a person has pulled over to the side of the road and gets hit by a reckless driver.

Almost, as soon as we pulled over to the side of the road, Trooper Charlie Thomas ID 381 arrived on scene and asked if we needed assistance. I advised him we had a flat tire and someone was on the way to change it and that there was also a deputy on the way to sit with us until they arrived.

I'm writing you today Sir, to share our sincere appreciation for Trooper Thomas's assistance. Instead of driving away or sitting in his car with the air conditioning on and waiting for our help to arrive, Trooper Thomas got out of his patrol car, put on his gloves and went to work at changing our tire. Trooper Thomas realized that our spare tire was also low on air and advised us that we would need to put air in it as soon as possible. Trooper Thomas stayed with us until my sister's fiancÚ arrived to followed us to a nearby gas station.

Though no shots were fired, and there was no serious danger to us, Trooper Thomas was our "roadside hero" on this night in April and for that we owe him our sincerest gratitude.


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