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To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is to send a deep felt thanks to three officers on your team that went so far beyond the call of duty that I am still amazed when I think of it.

On the night of 8/30/2012 I had a blow out on I-4 at exit 22. I was extreamly shaken up and terrified with high rate of speed of the other motorist on the highway. I called *347 by the advise of my Mother and reached Officer White. He was patient and understanding. He managed to distract me and clam me down. Even making me laugh. He stayed on the phone with me until Officer Sangiro (sp?) arrived. Then to my supprise after I had gotten back home several hours later Officer White called to make sure I was safe and that I had been taken care of. NEVER before in any interaction with an officer have they cared enough to follow up. This deserves a high praise in my eyes.

The second kudos goes to Officer Sangiro. Again, I dont know if I am spelling it right or even if I am close. He showed up like a knight in a white charger. He understood my fear and was calm and very friendly.

He had me pull further off the road putting out flares and positioning his car so that the chances of us being hit would be reduced. I started getting out my spare and jack he walked over and started changing the tire for me, he never complained even when it started raining. This was so unexpected I started babbleing about things he probably could have cared less about but was very patient and kind. I have never known an officer to do more then hold a flashlight for you when a tire needed to be changed. It is nice to know that a bit of gallentry is still out there.

Finally, the last bit of praise goes to a young officer who for the life of my I cant remember his name I just know it started with an "M". He came to assist the officer due to the high rate of speed the other motorist were traveling. I am relativly new to the area and did not know how to get back home without taking the highway. He gave me clear and precise directions not once making me feel like an idiot when I would ask questions to confirm.

Each officer had very different roles in my situation but in the end it was the combination of all three that had me smileing by the end of the ordeal and saying a prayer for all of them. In this day and time when officers are made out to be bullies in the media to see this softer side was a blessing. God bless all of you. Take care and be safe.

Carol Sperry
Florida Resident


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