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Colonel Brierton,

I wanted to thank the Florida Highway Patrol for the excellent service I received recently.

On May 27, 2012, my wife and I were traveling north on Interstate 75 in Marion County. A large box truck just ahead and to the right of me suffered a tire blow out. The tire carcass immediately flew in front of my car and proceeded to damage my front bumper cover and right fender liner as I drove into and over it. Both the box truck and I stopped on the shoulder. While surveying the damage, I noticed the truck that had blown the tire proceeded to reenter the Interstate without conversing or exchanging information with me. I followed the truck and called *FHP to report the incident. The FHP dispatcher I talked to asked me for the license plate number of the truck, which I gave him. He then instructed me to pull over to the shoulder and wait for a FHP trooper. The trooper arrived, Trooper L.S. Weber, and instructed me to drive to the nearest exit where she would take my information in a safer environment. She drove around that next exit looking for the truck (I told her it had “Cool Cup Cool Ice Company” on the doors) but couldn't physically find the truck. She looked up the owner of the truck through the license plate number I had provided. Another trooper, Trooper Dobosiewicz, arrived and telephoned the owner of the Cool Cup Cool Ice Company and learned that one of their drivers had just called in a blown out tire. Unfortunately, the owner of the company wouldn’t cooperate in providing the truck driver’s name nor the drivers license number. In the next week, Trooper Weber again unsuccessfully requested the information from the owner. Finally Captain LaMont got involved and was successful in obtaining the missing driver information. Trooper Weber was able to finalize the Crash Report and I then contacted the Cool Cup Cool Ice Company's insurance company. I subsequently got the damage claim paid quickly and without issue.

I really believe that the extra effort expended by your troopers in obtaining the missing information from the Cool Cup Cool Ice Company was commendable. As a result of their efforts, I rightfully got the damage to my car repaired at the expense of the Cool Cup Cool Ice Company insurance company. Please relay my sincere thanks to your troopers. They were very professional and helpful.

Russell B. Drake
Panama City, FL 32411


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