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Hello Sir,

I wanted to take a minute to write a note of appreciation for the assistance I received this past weekend from an FHP officer. This past Sunday, I was traveling home to Georgia from Orlando on I-4 when I hit something in the road causing me to have a flat tire. I pulled off the road to see that my tire was completely seperated. I began to jack my car up to change the tire, but because of the incline of the roadside, and the less that desireable jack that came with my car, I was having trouble.

A few minutes later, an FHP patrol car pulled up. Trooper Hector Castro came up to me and asked what happened. I explained it to him, and he told me that a road ranger was on the way. During this time, I realized that my spare tire had very little air in it. Trooper Castro said that the road rangers could inflate it for me. After about ten minutes of waiting, he came back and said that the road rangers were tied up in an accident and wouldn't be able to respond for a while. He offered to take me to get air in my tire, and jack the car up using his floor jack. I was so thankful for that offer. We had a very nice conversation about traveling, etc on the way to get air. He was very personable, and someone I could be good friends with.

We got back to my vehicle, put the spare tire on, and before long I was back on the road. I just couldn't let this act of kindness go by without telling someone how much I appreciated not only Trooper Castro's willingness to help, but his overall friendship in a moment of trouble for me. It made a huge difference!! I am not sure where he is based out of, but it must be somewhere near of Orlando. He said that we were not in his normal county, but he'd been sent to help out in that area since other troopers were busy with accidents.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation for Trooper Castro's assistance to me this past weekend. Thank you so much for your time.

Tim Bryant


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