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To whom it may concern,

My name is Danny Sowma. I got side swiped on I-95 north bound yesterday,Dec /6/12 at 4:30 p.m.Crash number 83234261,case# FHPD12OFF103722. I escaped being in a deadly crash,by a semi-tractor trailer who decided to change lanes while I was still driving next to him.I followed him for about 3 miles when I spotted a FHP patrol car in the center of the road.I pulled over and called the attention of the officer.When the officer pulled up behind me, I explained to him what had just happened,and gave him the tag information ,and description of the truck.Which I was able to write down,while following this truck.I tried to stop him but he wouldn't stop for nothing.The officer tried to run the tag but apparently the tag number didn't match, the trailer.Anyway he wrote up the crash report and he promised me he was going to follow up on the information I provided him,and try to find the trucking company.I taught I would never hear from him again,but to my surprise he called me this morning and not only did he take his time to get me all the information I needed ,in tracking down the trucking co. the owners name and phone number,the insurance co. name and phone number and policy number,he was also very concerned about it all .Now I could not let this go un-noticed ,and decided to write you this e-mail to commend your department and especially officer Boehm, for going the extra mile for me, a stranger he never knew.

He should be an example to others on what a fine officer stands for. These days it is hard to find an officer that cares.

Congratulations, and thank you,for having an officer like officer Boehm on the force.

Sincerely yours, Danny Sowma.


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