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Trooper Richard Crenshaw
Trooper Jason French
Captain Vicki Thomas, Lieutenant Michael Blair, Lieutenant Ezra Folsom and Sergeant Artez Lester
Sergeant Steve Gaskins
Trooper David Boehm
Trooper Edwin Millan-Cintron
Trooper Yimy Iglesias
Trooper Marcial Garcia


Trooper Jason Ekstrom
Trooper David Cox
Trooper Kelvin Vega
Trooper Victor Molina
Trooper Carlos Gascon
Trooper Justin Rountree


Trooper Jose Sanchez
Trooper Harris
Trooper Vincent Carey
Trooper Jonathan Van Buskirk
Trooper Stanley Rice
Lt. Colonel Ernesto Duarte
Trooper Michael Stallworth
Trooper Hunter Rothell
Trooper Brad Johnson
Lieutenant Bryant Gay
Lieutenant John Bagnardi
Lieutenant Ron Castleberry
Captain George Crotta
Trooper David Roan
Trooper Steven Montiero
Trooper Ira Stokes
Trooper Jason French


Sergeant Eric Schaub
Trooper Richard Crenshaw
Trooper James Goethe
Trooper Darryl Crawford
Trooper Jimmy Love
Trooper Peter Sierra and Duty Officer Jonathan White


Trooper Kenneth Green
Trooper Marie Palisin-Bonilla
Trooper Alfred Hughes
Trooper Hector Castro
Trooper Jesse Lopez
Captain Jackie Freeman
Trooper Steven Mathews
Captain Gregory Lamont, Corporal Leslie Weber and Trooper Anthony Dobosiewicz
Trooper Matthew Simmons
Trooper Myron Wagner
Trooper Ana Carrasco


Captain Nancy Rasmussen
Trooper Jared Ferris
Sergeant Rafael Streeter
Sergeant Roger Thomas
Sergeant Quintin Mills
Trooper Ron Cox
Unknown Trooper
Trooper Hector Suarez
Trooper Craig Gaines
Trooper Nathaniel Russell
Trooper Peter Hooker
Trooper Michael Hollis


Sergeant Quintin Mills
Trooper Jennifer Layton
Trooper Jose Lima Franco
Trooper John Muniz
Trooper Philippe Lebrun
Captain Keith Gaston


Trooper Javier Hernandez
Unknown Trooper
Trooper Loren Slick
Trooper Raymond Budhan
Trooper Frank Troxel
Corporal Cale Stevens
Trooper Henry Lockwood


Trooper Darren Petrovich
Trooper Matthew Kirkland
Sergeant Quintin Mills
Sergeant Gregory Potter
Trooper Ronald Roberts
Sergeant Charles Thomas
Trooper Jose Brierly


Trooper Kevin Hildreth
Trooper Matthew Simmons
Trooper Luis Rios
Corporal Dennis Holland


Florida Highway Patrol


Corporal Joseph Sumner


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