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This letter is for all of you officers out there giving out DUIís and having to deal w/ the attitudes you get after the cuffs are in place - I sure know I didnít like them on my wrists at the time. Iíve been meaning to write this email for a couple years now but it kept getting put off, so sorry about that.

I received a DUI from officer Yarborough (Agency Arrest # & Report # FHPH06OFF021665) at the end of Dec 2006 right about Christmas time. I wasnít very happy about it and I acted like an ass so Iím certainly sorry about that officer Yarborough. I remember being a smartass and asking officer Yarborough if he really thought he was doing ďanything productiveĒ by arresting me, and he quickly replied ďYesĒ . Although I didnít believe him at the time, he most certainly was correct.

Long story short, the whole DUI ended up being a very good lesson for me and has definitely improved my life as a whole. Iím not sure how many letters like this you all get so I wanted to make sure I sent mine. Youíre doing a great service for the community and I hope this letter helps to validate those services, as well as remind you that you are also helping the very people youíre arresting.

Thank you,

Jim McNeal


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