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I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to inform you that during a traffic stop on 11AUG, Corporal Yarborough was the type of professional we all want our law enforcement to be. I know you most likely hear plenty of complaints (deserved or otherwise), so it is only just that you receives e-mails like mine as well.

What makes my traffic stop irregular was that I am a licensed concealed carrier of a firearm. When stopped, while I have no duty to inform, I do out of common courtesy, as I would want if I were serving in a uniform. During the traffic stop, Corporal Yarborough felt it was prudent to ask me to step out of the vehicle (as I had informed him after him asking that there was a weapon under my seat). He also felt the need to disarm me of the pocket pistol I had on my person. While I do not necessarily agree with his need to do so, I understand that it is his responsibility to ensure his safety and mine during the course of a stop. While disarming me, and when returning the weapon, he showed good trigger and muzzle disipline (unlike some officers I have trained with or been around), and was respectful of my right to carry, adding no commentary on the matter.

My only suggestion to Mr. Yarborough would be that, in the future if he feels the need to disarm a lawful carrier, to remove the weapon still in the holster if at all possible, as it could have easily been done in my case.

In short, while I still received multiple tickets from Mr. Yarborough, he was a great example of a Trooper, and a credit to his state and agency.

Scott Stanley


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