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I would just like to commend a Florida State Trooper. On Sat May 14th after a long day and vacation at Disney. I was trying to drive as far as I could just to get back home. Well just a little north of Daytona Beach I was getting pretty drowsy and decided to pull into a rest stop to get some sleep about 1am. Well not knowing on my wifes car that when you shut her car off and leave the keys in it all the lights on her Toyota stay on. After about 5 hours sleeping it killed the battery ( that was on Sun May 15th around 6am ). I walked over to the State Trooper sitting there as the night security asking if a safety patrol patrolled the area. He said that they dont service this area. I replied ih great my car is dead and Im stuck. We chatted for a few minutes and I said I think that all I need is a jump because the battery is dead. The officer told me, "oh if all you need is a jump, I can do that." So he pulled his patrol car over to mine and jumped it getting me started so I could continue on my way. I feel bad I didnt get his name, car number and I didnt even know where I was. It may not seem like a big deal but this officer needs to be commended for his small gesture of kindess to get me and my wife started and back on our long journey home. If it helps on finding out we left Kissimmee along I-4 west, then onto I-95 north, the mileage to the rest stop I was at from my starting point in Kissimmee was 111 miles.

Thanks again to that trooper,

Tom Bennett
Pittsburgh, PA.


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