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My name is Sandi Ransom and I am making an attempt to locate the off duty Florida Highway Patrolman that assisted my family and me on our way to our Disney World vacation.

It was Sunday, June 5th, 4:30 pm, 14.6 miles north of Gainesville on I 75. I was driving a white Lexus from Texas and my daughters' family was in the black minivan....my son's family was ahead of us, he missed all the fun.

I was so nervous and upset at the time, I am so sorry to say I did not remember your name but I want to know who you are, if I can possibly find out, simply to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I have never experienced anything like that ever, and can not tell you how scared I was.

Other than "do you have a spare and does it have air" all you asked of me was to let you call your wife and tell her you were going to be late. I never would have thought we would have been so lucky as to have a roadside angel but you were there and I am so thankful.

To your superiors or whomever this email gets to, I ask please help me find out who this young man was and an email address so I can again personally thank him for being so kind, courteous and above all extremely professional. He was on his way home to his family and did not even HAVE to stop to help us but he did and had us back on the road in record time and had the half of my precious family that was there, off of the side of that highway where everyone was going at least 80 mph.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your attention and any attempt to help with this matter, it is very important to me.


Sandi Ransom
Longview, TX


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