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Trooper A.O. Sierra,

I am writing to you in order to apologize for speeding on 11/23/11 and I wanted to thank you for being so kind to me. I tried to avoid the excuses and justifications since I know that there is no excuse for speeding. On that day, I entered on the wrong ramp and had gone quite a while until I found an off ramp. I was trying to get off the expressway in order to enter again going in the opposite direction. While being lost and frustrated, my brother (City of Miami Firefighter Idalberto Sarduy) was texting me because of a family issue. Since he seemed very upset, I picked up the phone and called him to avoid texting and driving. Frustrated and paying much more attention to the conversation rather than my speedometer, my speed began to increase. I must add that the car I was stopped in was purchased only weeks ago and its light pedal has surprised me. The car I was driving for the last two months (Chevy Cobalt) was very difficult to speed up in and I guess I was just used to it. It would shake whenever I would go over about 50 mph, so I was always aware of how fast I was traveling.

Again, I know and understand that this entire story is irrelevant and that is why I spared your ear at the time I was stopped, but I felt it was necessary to get it off my chest. After being stopped I cried for hours and felt so incredibly sorry for what I had done. My inattention to the road could have caused an accident and I am incredibly remorseful for my action. I am currently a student and was just recently laid off from my job because the department did not have the funds to employ me any longer. I worked in research and it's been hard for me to find another job. I only have my brother who always tries his hardest to help me. My parents and I no longer speak, so the holidays are always very difficult. I would like to thank you for your time for reading this and I pray for your mercy. I am going to try to take the ticket to court in hopes that during pre-trial they could at least lower the fine. If in the end I still end up with the ticket and have to pay the full amount I at least will have a little more time to pay it and hopefully I could find new employment by then.

Sincerest regards,

Jennifer Suarez


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