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Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

This past Sunday my wife and I went for a nice Sunday Drive. Late in the afternoon we heading home. I was on I95 in 3 rows of anxious driver heading for home. I was in the left lane. when in a flash my Jaguar stalled, I had nowhere to go except coast to a fast stop in the left emergency lane. Cars were flying by me and I couldn't open either door for fear of getting killed.

I called 911 and asked for a Trooper, and within 5 minutes Trooper Earl Scott showed up showed up with a nice smile asking me of what service he could be. Well, we were so happy to see him. He said we have to get you all off this highway. I asked him to get a wrecker, which he did. I was trying to get Jaguar Corp. on the phone and they we would have to call you back ( Bad answer). Trooper Scott had all the wheels in motion to have us picked up.

When the wrecker showed up, he was so kind and brought my Mrs. into his car in the front seat. (She had recently broke her leg), He had positioned his car as to force traffic into 2 lanes, and shielded my car from the traffic. We got off I95, and we found a place to complete the paper work.

Never, had I been so proud of the Florida Highway patrol, as I was that day. While there was no crash or blood, it could have been our lives at stake. Trooper Scott, put us at ease, and handled the problems like a "Champ". You have to be proud to have someone like him in you organization..He is an up coming "Star".

"What the world needs now is more people like you all"


Joe Stingone


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