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To Whom It May Concern,

I recently had a wonderfully positive experience with the Florida Highway Patrol and wanted to let you know how grateful we were for the assistance we received. I also wanted to make special mention of Trooper Osborne, who was so helpful to us.

I had just picked up my daughter at the UCP Bailes Campus on August 12 and was entering 408 West from Challenger Parkway when my car completely broke down. I pulled off to the side of the road and called AAA.

It was a blistering hot day and traffic on the 408 was busy and fast. I was concerned for the safety of my daughter, as well as myself.

While I waited for AAA, the Road Rangers came along to see if they could help. After giving us cold water and allowing my daughter cool off in the air-conditioned truck, they left.

My daughter is only two years old and has special needs. One issue she has is difficulty in regulating her body temperature. The cool down time in the truck and the cold water were extremely helpful and I was grateful but we still did not hear from AAA.

A FHP vehicle pulled over and Trooper Osborne said he had seen us when the Road Ranger was there but he had stopped to check on us. He was so kind and helpful. He asked dispatch to check on AAA for us and when I told him of my daughter's heat issue, he allowed us to sit in the air-conditioned car and cool down. This was so helpful and so appreciated!

Also, his vehicle was further off the road and I felt much safer from the passing traffic. He offered great suggestions (such as confirming my thought to call my father-in-law to come and pick up my daughter) and helped relieve a lot of the anxiety I was feeling after having been broken down on the side of the road for almost two hours.

Trooper Osborne stayed with us until AAA and my father-in-law arrived and then made sure we were safely on our way before leaving himself.

I cannot tell you how grateful we were for his assistance. He truly is a credit to your organization. I have told all my friends and family about my experience but I wanted to make sure to express my gratitude to Trooper Osborne and the FHP.

Thank you!

Monique Griffin
Orlando, FL


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