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FHP and Trooper Eric Oleson,

Officer Oleson,

You made my day this morning, when you approached my car, instead of immediately asking for my license, ins. and registration you took a minute to understand the extreme look of frustration on my face, you took the effort to show me respect that I have never seen from any experience I have had with any law enforcement officers. I cannot thank you enough. When you arrived back at my car with a simple warning and citation for not having my insurance on me, I was relieved, but whether you had issued me the ticket or not you calmed me down, made sure I was doing ok, and showed me a level of respect I just didn't believe existed anymore among the officers in SWFL. You had every right to hassle me, question my pending charges, write me 2 tickets, and just continue to feed the thought in my head that all "cops" are out to get you. Your sincerity, respect, and demeanor made my day, I can only hope that this reaches the right hands as I am unable to buy you a coffee and say thank you. Your the first officer that let me shake his hand for the simple reason that you were doing your job. I know this isn't a rescue story, or anything out of the ordinary that deserves recognition, but I was so overwhelmed I was unable to thank you for calming me down, you really made my day a lot better, its the little things that always go a long for me, and 12 hours later sitting with a group a friends re-telling the story I just cannot thank you enough for taking the time to WANT to understand my frustration, listening to me, and explaining with time everything is going to work out.

Thank you so much!!!

Brad Duffy


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