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I wanted to drop a line to compliment one of your officers.

Yesterday (10/1/11) at approximately 4:00 PM, my elderly parents were in a car accident in which they were both unharmed but visibly shaken. The accident occurred at Oakmont St. and Anclotte Blvd. in Tarpon Springs. By the time officer Morris arrived, the EMT’s had taken my parents to the hospital as a precaution because of their age.

I arrived on the scene and made sure my parents were OK, took possession of their little dog and waited with the vehicle until FHP arrived. When Officer Morris arrived, he immediately and efficiently assessed the situation without any prejudgments. He went over to the other parties’ vehicle first, which had the front end totaled and asked them what had happened before coming over to speak to me. Unfortunately, I was not on the scene at the time the accident occurred so I was not much help to him other then letting him know where the EMT’s took my parents. He took it in stride and thanked me for my assistance. I dropped off my parent’s dog at their house and I proceeded to the hospital to make sure they were OK. When they were released, I drove them home and Officer Morris was parked outside the front of their condo. He first told my parents how glad he was that they were OK and explained that he had just missed them at the hospital. He went on to ask my mother (who was driving the car) what had happened and in which direction she was driving. My mom was still in shock over the whole thing so she had some difficulty recalling the entire event and was not completely clear on everything. Officer Morris was patient and understanding with her and because of his demeanor, was able to get the complete story. He then explained to her how FHP assesses an accident and about traffic law in regards to an accident. He took a lot more time to explain it then he probably has to with younger people but he did an excellent job explaining why he had to issue my Mom a citation. Now my Mom does not get tickets and is an overly defensive driver not to mention an excitable individual. Officer Morris did such a good job explaining situation that my Mom did not become upset and understood why she was getting the ticket.

My Mom actually thanked him for his understanding and asked him if he would like to come in for a slice of homemade apple pie and coffee. Officer Morris smiled and laughed but told my Mom that he would have to decline. He went to shake my Mom’s hand and she gave him a hug.

I just wanted to compliment how Officer Morris handled the situation and my parents. I have not had any interaction with FHP before but if all of your Officers conduct themselves like Officer Morris, people would do a lot more for the professionals who protect our streets and highways.


Raymond K. Allen


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