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April 9, 2011

On April 5, 2011, I was traveling south on Interstate 75, when my tire blew out. I was traveling alone and extremely upset and scared by the incident. In all my years of driving, I had never had a flat where the rubber came off the tire and the rim of the wheel was exposed. It was a very frightening experience to be stuck, alone on the interstate with cars and semi’s whizzing by at high speeds. Watching the cars hit the rubber I left on the highway and seeing it fly uncontrollably from the force of the vehicles was terrifying to me.

I have road service through Allstate, but after getting in touch with my husband at home in the Augusta area, he was told they would have to have the zip code where the vehicle was located in order to respond. All I knew was that I was southbound on Interstate 75 between mile markers 340 and 341. My husband, in a panic because I was stuck on a busy interstate called the Highway Patrol for assistance in getting a wrecker or road service to take care of the situation. He talked with an Officer Scott (Scotty), who was very helpful. After setting up service for me, Officer Scott called me on my cell phone to check on me.

While I was waiting on the side of the interstate for help to arrive, Officer Meier pulled up behind my vehicle and turned on his emergency lights. Even before he got out of his vehicle, I felt safer. Little did I know at that time, just how professional, courteous, and HELPFUL he would be. After assessing the situation, Officer Meier got busy, cancelled the service call, and began putting the donut on my car. He was so reassuring and informative about the situation, advising me to stop and check the PSI on the donut before traveling on and recommending a safe speed for me to travel before continuing my journey to Bradenton, where my mother lives.

I am a special needs teacher in Augusta, Georgia. We always observe Spring Break during Master’s week. Before leaving home on the 5th, my husband took my car in to have the tires checked. There was no electric power in Augusta that morning, due to heavy storms. At the tire shop, they were only able to do a cursory check without the use of their power equipment. The representative told my husband that my tires “should” be good for another 10,000 miles. I’m here to say they were we wrong and I’m pretty certain Officer Meier would agree.

Officer Meier is a credit to uniform and your organization. A true professional and gentleman! I am so grateful for his help and highly commend him for a job well done.

Diane Johnson


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