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Ladies and Gentlemen:

As a former Military and Civilian Law Enforcement Officer let me relate an INCIDENT observed personally wherein 2 FHP Officers stopped on East Fowler Avenue at Bruce B. Downs Blvd at approximately 9:10 AM today. It seems some vehicle had dumped some blue covered Cushions on the two lanes of the three lane section of Fowler just past the light headed EAST. As I pulled up to the LEFT TURN INSIDE LANE at the light I noticed traffic was stopped by first one FHP vehicle in the far outside lane just past the light only to be joined by a second FHP vehicle just past the light in the Center lane. Both FHP Officers exited their vehicles with the Hats adjusted and joined together with blue and red lights flashing to kick away the cushions South into an area OFF the roadway. Both FHP Officers immediately cleared the traffic lanes and the Northern Vehicle FHP Officer got into his vehicle as the Southern and First FHP Officer walked back to his vehicle just East in the outside lane.

What was super commendable was the first FHP Oficer looked at the second FHP Officer and Vehicle then SALUTED the assisting Officer who stopped to help him. Such DID NOT GO UNNOTICED BY ME AND ALL TRAFFIC GOING WEST, EAST, NORTH AND SOUTH. I called the *FHP non emergency select 2 call number to report this OUTSTANDING SHOW OF RESPECT FROM ONE FHP OFFICER TO ANOTHER which is a FIRST once going to the VA Hospital PC-DERM Clinic for a post operation surgical checkup. I also talked with a Duty Officer Bennet at McKinley via telephone to let him tell the shift commander what we had observed so he or someone including the Governor and Director FHP could make it known inside the FHP that the respect for each other shown was a super reflection upon those TWO FHP OFFICERS as I could not see the officer who received the SALUTE AND IF HE RETURNED IT BUT I WOULD BE WILLING TO BET THEY BOTH EXCHANGED THE SALUTES !

Hope such Professional THANKS starts an epidemic of SALUTING between ALL LEO's all over America. IT IS TIME AND IT IS RECOGNIZED !

Proudly reported to the Governor and Lt. Governor by,

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Former Senior Military Police Instructor
Former TPD Badge 435
Former HCSO Sworn Deputy
Former TIA Police Officer


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