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On Tuesday 20 September 2011 at approximately 230pm, I was Northbound on SR417 approaching Hwy441 and in the left lane when a trooper approached me from behind with lights and siren activated. I moved over to let him pass and watched as he worked his way quickly though another 20 vehicles in front of me. He was moving quickly, but was not overly aggressive and got through without causing any of the drivers ahead to panic or crash.

As we passed over Hwy441, I saw why he was in a hurry. There was a small, gold colored, 4-door sedan heading North in the Southbound left lane!

After passing an overpass wall just North of hwy441, the trooper cut across the median and pulled up alongside the gold car. I was only 50 yards away by this point as traffic on my side had slowed. I don’t know about the others, but I was thinking of stopping to help the trooper if a crash happened. Turns out, he did not need any help at all.

With his car fishtailing a couple times, he somehow managed to drive along the median edge while staying next to the gold car. His presence alerted two oncoming drivers who were able to pull right and get out of the way.

When the gold car’s driver did not respond, the trooper pulled ahead of her, got onto the pavement in front of her, and somehow managed to slow to a stop so that she stopped behind him without crashing. He did this just as a Southbound tractor trailer came over the rise above Orange Avenue in the left lane just a few hundred yards away. The semi driver saw the trooper’s vehicle and also slowed and moved to avoid a crash.

The trooper did everything perfectly, almost seemingly impossible, and certainly saved the life of the driver of the gold car and possible more that might have ended up in a head-on crash.

As I pulled away, I saw the trooper’s door open, but did not see the trooper get out yet. So I don’t know if the trooper was male or female. The trooper was driving a marked crown Victoria with no light bar on top.

I wanted you to know about this incident from a witness’ perspective. This was obviously a very experienced trooper who deserves recognition for saving lives on SR417 Tuesday.

Feel free to call me at the number below if you have any questions. Thanks.

Greg Haywood


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