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Good morning! Palm Beach County Extension Service, in partnership with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, hosts an annual program titled “Safety Day.” On May 5, 2011 we hosted 281 fourth grade students, their teachers, bus drivers and approximately 100 volunteers. The students were divided into groups and rotated through eight learning stations, plus lunch.

One of the learning stations was the FHP Roll-Over Simulator. Troopers Robert Mazza and Paul Scott were on hand to teach and demonstrate what happens in a roll-over accident. Both troopers commented to me about how many students said they didn’t wear seatbelts and neither did their parents. After seeing the simulator in action, without exception every group of students said they would start wearing their seatbelts. They also said they would make their siblings wear seatbelts, and hopefully convince their parents to use them also.

Because of the number of accidents in the last year involving submerged vehicles along State Road 80 from Belle Glade to Loxahatchee, the Drowning Prevention Coalition focused on getting out of a sinking vehicle as part of their learning station. The two learning stations merged their information perfectly.

I would like to send a letter, along with student surveys and student thank you cards to the troopers. I would also like to send copies of these items to the troopers’ supervisors, all the way up the chain of command to Tallahassee.

Even in the current economic times of budget cuts, this program should be expanded as much as possible. It is extremely effective. I don’t know what the cost is, but it’s educational value is immeasurable.

Please provide me with the names and mailing addresses of the two troopers and their chain of supervisors, all the way to the commander for the State of Florida.


Frank Dowdle


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