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My reason for writing is to complement you on the polite and sensitive treatment I received from Trooper Crawford. Briefly - I was stopped on The Turnpike by Trooper Crawford yesterday about 6:30 PM. Clearly I had not been paying sufficient attention to my speed and the road conditions ( It was raining). Trooper Crawford lectured me sternly (which I certainly deserved), then took into account a good driving record and decided to let me proceed on home with a courtesy warning. At all times this trooper was professional - he even waited patiently in the rain while my wife and I frantically searched our car for the proper documentation he needed to see. I am embarrassed to say it was not in the vehicle. Then the insurance card I presented him was for my other vehicle instead of my Honda.

If I'm not mistaken, that's three strikes and I knew I was on my way to an expensive event. But that was not the case.

I am heavily involved in Christian ministry so I believe I can recognize Grace when I see it. We certainly experienced that in this encounter with Trooper Crawford. A guilty man pardoned by a forgiving officer. I could not help making the comparison to the Gospel of Christ - who despite our guilt, pardoned our sin.

I intend to be more careful driving and hopefully will not encounter Trooper Crawford in his official capacity again, but should I do so I know his judgment will be fair. And that is valuable in a government representative. Please convey my good wishes to Trooper Crawford.

God bless you all and be careful. We need you!

Donald Baugher
Leesburg, FL


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