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Great Job by Trooper Bart Baker

Good morning,

While traveling to work this morning, I stopped to assist Trooper Bart Baker on State-Road 8 just west of the North Monroe Street overpass. Trooper Baker was west bound and in the left emergency lane with his emergency lights on. Trooper Baker was attempting to keep a pair of Canadian geese and their (3) geeslings alive. The family of geese had walked across the interstate and Trooper Baker was preventing them from crossing back across the interstate with rush of morning traffic. When I stopped and walked back to Trooper Baker and asked if I could assist him, he indicated that Animal Control was going to take 1-hour to respond and he had been following the geese and keeping them from entering back onto the lanes of traffic for some time. Please note at the location that the Trooper was at, is a hill and any attempt to stop traffic would have caused a possible crash. Trooper Baker indicated that he was going to attempt to follow the family of geese down to an area that was safe for him to slow down traffic and then move the family to the north side of the interstate. While I was present, Trooper Baker was able to accomplish this task with out incident.

In closing I felt the need to share with the command staff of the Florida Highway Patrol that smaller things in life are the most important. Trooper Baker took the time to save the family of 5 geese and something as simple as this usually goes unnoticed by command. Please note from a citizen and public service standpoint, I thank Trooper Baker and FHP for his dedication to both the citizens of this state and our wildlife.


Chief Grea Bevis
DEP-Division of Law Enforcement


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