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I wanted to extend my most gracious appreciation to two amazing patrolmen who assisted my husband and I on the day before Thanksgiving; all I know is that their names are Evans and Young.

We were at a standstill on I-75 in Gainesville for an hour when trying to get to see out family for the holiday. Like the cars around us, we turned our engine off as we waited. I am fairly young and hadn't much emperience with limited car battery life, as I learned when traffic started moving and our car wouldn't start. We managed to push our car off the road, but were now stuck on the side of the interstate in the dark of night, with cars creeping by with no end to the oncoming headlights in sight. We even called our AAA but it would take them at least an hour or two to get to us, what with all the traffic and other troubled drivers ahead of us in queue. We were so sad and pathetic on the side of that highway when we saw the flashers of a trooper approaching us on the shoulder. These officers had the best attitude for two men who had to work this night and help people like us. They jumped our car and we were ready to begin the rest of our travels a little smarter than before.

I only caught their names when a truck passed us in the 10mph traffic going by and asked for them, also thanking them for help. So I wanted Evans and Young to know how grateful I am for working that miserable road and making our holiday a little bit brighter. They were definetly what I was thankful for sitting around the dinner table the next night.

Thank you so much,
Brittany McVicar
Gainesville, FL


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