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Compliments to a very deserving Trooper

On Friday night, June 11, 2010,at about 11:30 PM, my wife and I were travelling East on I-10, right near the New Cecil Field exit when our left rear tire blew out on my F-150. We pulled over under an overpass that was not an entrance/exit. Our son was travelling behind us, luckilly. We were able to pull over, well off the road. We weren't there but a few minutes, in fact we hadn't even got the truck jacked up yet, when an FHP Trooper pulled up to check on us. He was the most polite, courteous and reassuring officer I have ever met. When we got the spare out, we found that it was almost flat. He said if we tried to drive it like that, it would most likely fail. He offered to get the compressor from his patrol car to air it up properly. he looked for it, but it had been removed previously. He apologized, and offered to take the tire with our son to air it up at the next exit, and bring him back with it, and before they left, suggested to lay the flat under the brake drum in case the jack failed (safety first). After about twenty minutes they came back and he stayed right there with us until the job was finished,and we were ready to get on our way. I regret to say that I didn't get his name, but he did mention that he was the only officer on duty in that area that evening. He also mentioned that his regular duty is motorcycle patrol, that he must put in an alloted amount of time on the late shift in a patrol car. I sure hope you can identify him through the information I have provided, and he gets the acolades he well deserves. It would be nice if every officer was as caring, courteous, helpful andkind as him. God Bless him.

Ray, Judy and Brandon Yauch,
Barney, GA

Once again, our compliments to a fine officer and a fine organization!


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