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To Whom It May Concern:

The other day, just before Christmas, I was pulled over for failure to come to a complete stop by Officer T. Simmons in Wakulla County. I have been living and driving in Wakulla County for over 30 years and I have known many fine officers with the FHP, some now passed away or retired, but I have never felt so led to compliment an officer.

Officer Simmons was extremely professional, courteous and considerate. He was firm though still very polite. He corrected me but not in a condescending way. Since I had made a “halfhearted” attempt at a complete stop, he let me go with a somber warning. Needless to say, I am more than grateful for this “lucky break”.

He spoke about the value and importance of following all traffic laws regardless of how “well I know the road”. His wife and children travel this road everyday, he said. Officer Simmons didn’t make me feel like I was guilty or foolish (I did feel sorry and embarrassed) and he never flaunted his obvious power as an officer, but reasoned with me as a fellow driver and human being emphasizing safety and reminding me to be more careful. Certainly this would be my only warning…

I appreciate the need for rules, law and law enforcement. Because of our recent meeting I have been consciously observing my driving habits. I had developed a bad habit. I am aware of this now, and working on developing a new habit.

Isn’t this is one of the goals of the FHP; helping driver’s correct bad driving habits and making them aware of their behaviors, reminding them to remember to pay attention to every detail while behind the wheel. I could have paid a ticket, perhaps gone to driving school and possibly just continued on as always- until the next time.

But, Officer Simmons made such a positive impact on me, and was so sincere and kind that I don’t think he would have made a stronger impression on my behavior if he had given me a ticket. I have thought about our meeting everyday since then.

Officer Simmons is a fine ambassador for the Florida Highway Patrol and represents your agency with class and dignity. I hope he will get to see this letter and I ask it be placed in his personnel file. I would expect him to receive many more such commendations in a career with FHP.

Thanks for letting me share,

Daryl Dempsey


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