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My name is Chief of Police John Clayton and I work in Nashville Georgia. I am writing this email to commend Trooper Scotty Lolly. Me and my fiance June Chaney had went down to Panacea Florida to see my brother and his wife. While there we went out to supper and it was very cold that night I remember and after we had finished eating we went to leave and I realized I had locked my keys in my pick up truck. I went back inside and asked the cashier if she could call an officer that I had locked my keys in my truck. She told me that law enforcement didnt open car doors down there and didnt know who I could call and then she told me that the man and woman in the back corner was a Florida State Trooper but he was off duty and he could possibly help me. I waited for him to finish his meal and asked if he could help me and he did and went very much out of his way to help me. Lolly stood there with me in the cold along with his wife on his time off for well over an hour trying to help me. He was finally able to speak with someone in his church who had a slim jim and was able to help me. I just wanted to say that Trooper Scotty Lolly was very helpful to me and SHOULD BE COMMENDED HE WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND AND REPRESENTED THE FHP IN THE UPTMOST WAY. We do appreciate everything that he did for us.

John Clayton
Nashville Georgia


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