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To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to pay a compliment on Officer M.P. Jones (unit F, ID # 2452)

My brother is a state trooper in Colorado Springs, CO. Because of him I know that it is nice to pay a compliment to an office when appropriate.

Officer M.P. Jones had stopped me the other night while my husband and I were on our way home. We were on our way home from the Rays/Yankees game at Tropicana Field. We were a little bummed out, since the Yankees lost that night. (My husband is a big Yankees fan, as he is also from NY). I had ran the light just coming off the interstate onto Jacaranda Blvd at Exit 193. It was just before midnight.

Officer M.P. Jones was very pleasant and had a good sense of humor.

He taught me a lesson as well. I used to not stop at a red light while I was in the turning lane to make a right hand turn at an intersection. I would slow down and look for oncoming traffic though. I would, of course, stop if there was oncoming traffic. My husband constantly yells at me for not coming to a complete stop first no matter what, as I should. But, of course, why would I listen to my husband? If I get reprimanded by a state trooper, however, and especially a nice one, I will listen to him.

My husband thought I was really in for it being stopped by a state trooper. But my thought was, if I get a ticket for doing something I shouldn't have done, then I deserve it.

Both my husband and I had to get up early for work the next morning as well. Officer Jones was very nice as it was also very late. He didn't keep us long. He was sure to remind me what could have happened if a vehicle was coming and I didn't stop in time. Then he let us be on our way.

I was also definitely reprimanded the rest of the way home by my husband.

I would just like to be sure that Officer Jones is recognized for being such a pleasant person.

Thank you.

Sonya Dlug
A Florida (Venice) resident for 27 years.


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