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Dear Sir:

My wife and I are retired in St. Lucie County and were driving up to New York to visit with our Grandchildren. We had a terrible 3 days previous and suffered some very bad news and our lives were just very depressed.

On 12 Feb 2010 at 08:27 p.m. we were pulled over by one of your troopers because we were exhausted and failing to maintain a single lane.

As the trooper approached our car we were almost in tears that so many bad things had seemed to go wrong with our lives that week.

He came up to the car, the wind was howling, the weather was miserable, he was in danger standing by our car near the edge of the road and he spoke with us and took my license back to his patrol car. He came back a few minutes later and issued us a Courtesy Warning for failing to maintain a single lane. He told us there was a pilot station just up the road and to go there and get a cup of coffee. He was going to escort us but had to leave in an emergency. When he left and we drove a mile or so to the exit and the Pilot station we cried, that in a week of so much bad new there was a person who cut us some slack.

Please extend our appreciation to the trooper and because of his kindness we promise to always be in top shape before driving on the highway.

Sometimes, kindness, and understanding, goes further, than a ticket. We will not forget his commitment to our safety. We are going to keep this warning notice in our home, and on days of sadness and depression, we will take it out and read it, and it will remind us of caring people in this world.

His name is K J Hildreth; I.D,: No 2528; Troop D

In sincere appreciation,
George and Veronica Farrell
Port Saint Lucie, Florida


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