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At the beginning of this month I was driving from Bradenton back to Stuart, FL. on SR70. My oil light had come on in my '96 Firebird and when I got to Arcadia, I stopped at the NAPA store to get oil. I am a 64 year old woman and was not looking forward to having to put the oil in but there was only one woman in the store so I had no choice. As I came out, there was a FHP patrol car parked in the lot. As I approached, he greeted me with a smile. I then told him - "I have heard that Florida Troopers are very nice and sometimes help women in distress!" With very little hesitancy he politely asked my problem and told me what I heard was true. Officer Hathcock then very graciously checked my oil and added a quart for me.

You may feel this is a minimal action, however, to me, it provided "great" relief. The roads back to Stuart are fairly desolate. As I continued on my trip Officer Hathcock not only relieved my mind of any break downs but he provided me with the knowledge that should something happen on our roads in this state, the FHP would be there to help. In a sense he provided me with the example that with Florida State Troopers on our roads we can all be assured of a safe journey no matter what the problem. He was gracious, kind and professional. Officer Hathcock is a fine example of the caliber of officers you have on the FHP and I am thankful to know this fact.

Jona E. Mulvey
Stuart, Florida


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