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Dear Ma’am/Sir,

My name is Jerod Jeffcoat and on 6/28/2010, I received a speeding citation (citation# 7231-syj) in Orlando from Trooper Gaugh (badge# 1847). I will say that I honestly did not know the speed limit was 50 mph ( I thought it was 60) as my driving record shows that I do not speed since it has been 15 years since I have received a speeding ticket but that is not why I am emailing you. It is my responsibility to know what the posted speed limit is at all times. I am emailing you to compliment Trooper Gaugh on his professionalism and his pleasantry during this incident. Trooper Gaugh clearly explained to me why I was pulled over and gave me a chance to answer regarding my speed and was very pleasant through the exchange. Trooper Gaugh is an excellent example of a Florida Highway Patrolman and he made this incident about as well as it could be. You should be proud to have Trooper Gaugh working for the FHP. It is probably not often that someone writes you about a ticket they received and gives a compliment to the officer so please let Trooper Gaugh know that he is doing a great job and that is professionalism and people skills are top notch. I have the utmost respect for what each of you do every day! Be safe and god bless.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Jerod Jeffcoat.


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