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I have been meaning to send this email appreciation for the last few months, and today, I finally remembered to send it!

Back on Friday October 8, I was driving I-4 home from work (Walt Disney World) to my home in Lakeland, when about halfway, one of my front tires had a tread separation. It was very late with the sun beginning to set, and I was dreading to have to change this tire in the dark with a standard car jack and simple tire iron.

Within minutes of me trying to get the car jack positioned. Trooper Tim Free showed up and immediately approached with tire iron in hand (the nice 4-way one you can quickly spin). He said he would work on the tire as I jacked up the car. As soon as I had the car up, he had the tire off, and quickly put the spare on, and then put the torn-up tire in my trunk by the time I had lowered the jack! . Thanks to his quick help, I was back on the road in under ten minutes, with some sunlight to spare!

Tim was very friendly and mentioned how he had worked at Disney back in the early 70’s. I had asked Tim for a number to call to show my appreciation. I think it was either Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week, I called the number (863-499-2300) in the afternoon, and spoke to a woman who took my name and cell phone# and said a supervisor would call me back for more information. Days went by and I never received a call that I know of, but I work inside an old warehouse area at Disney where in some parts the cell phone reception is very weak. I figured I would look for your website to find an email address to send a follow-up email to make sure Tim was recognized for his outstanding service.

I feel bad for taking so long to send this compliment, but I definitely wanted Tim’s supervisors to be aware of my appreciation for his help. I have used I-4 to travel to work at Disney for over 20 years, and I feel better knowing someone like Tim is patrolling I-4 and willing to help out motorist in need.

Thank you very much,

David Toledo
Lakeland, FL


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