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Dear Sirs,

On behalf of the BYU Purchasing and Travel Management Office and the BYU Football Team, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the attention to detail, safety and concern that was provided by our assigned escorts, Trooper Mike Stallworth, Trooper Doug Rice, and Trooper Anthony Stone.

I have no idea of what is included in their initial assigned detail, but I must say that the time I spent with these Troopers was the most productive, good natured, stress free time I have ever had in preparing for the arrival, game and departure of my team. My job is to execute the logistics of moving the Football Team, Coaches and Staff, Cheer, and in this case the University President and his guests in the Visiting city. This includes airport screening and transfers, hotel rooms, meals, meetings and activities, the stadium and locker room experience and departure.

Trooper Stallworth took an interest in my responsibilities and my list of pending items and introduced me to the individuals, places and what to expect in regards to our movements, and assured my success and the Team’s safety at every level.

We have had some impressive Escorts around the country, but none have compared to the willingness of these officers accommodate our Team. I know some things were a little out of the box, and would likely have gone smoothly if we had followed their experience. Rather, they were willing to help us remain in our comfort zone, changing their routine in a pleasant and helpful manner.

Our Head Coach, who avoids escorts the best he can, was very complimentary and grateful for the courtesy and consideration shown to him.

Thank you for extending such a service, and for the polite and friendly manner in which we were treated. It makes such a difference to enter into a perceived hostile environment and experience a comfortable, peaceful event. Not by show of force, but by genuine friendship.

I am grateful for the service of these Troopers, and consider them friends. Keep them safe.


John P Bramwell
BYU Travel Management – Football

W. Timothy Hill
Executive Director
BYU Purchasing and Travel Management

Duane Busby
BYU, Director of Football Operation


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