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I served this week on a jury in the case of Luis Colon for leaving the scene of a fatal crash. This trial ended last evening in the ninth judicial district for the state of Florida, Judge Bob Wattles presiding.

During deliberations, it dawned on me that today there would be a very dangerous driver among us were it not for two very alert, well trained, and experienced troopers.

I may ruin the spelling. These men were from Troop D's traffic homicide investigations unit. They are: Trooper Ginsberg and Trooper Pratts.

They noticed some one in the group of on lookers that had safety bag burns on his forearms. They were able to take accurate photo graphs of his injuries, obtain DNA, and fiber samples for this individual. This person had walked away from an accident with two deaths, injured women and children. One of the women, a beautiful girl had half her face ripped off by the pavement. He just turned his head and walked away.

My God! What kind of a person do you have to be to walk away from injured and crying babies. This has to take its toll.

I realize that these men do a thankless job. I would like to thank them for a job well done. I am proud to know that people of this stature are here to safe guard us. If you have a trooper of the year award I hereby nominate. If they had not noticed detail then this very dangerous person would still race through traffic on our busy streets. My grand children may have been next.

With grateful thanks,

Robert James Martin
Orlando, FL


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