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I am composing this email to offer praise and a "thank you" to Trooper V.F. Fuentes, ID Number 1520, Troop D. I was pulled over 3:05 this morning on my way to work. Trooper Fuentes made this nervous and slightly stressful situation, at least on my part, less so by expressing his concern about my safety. He reminded me being a few minutes late wasn't worth getting in an accident and reminded me that there are family members that need me to get to my destinations safely.

On my end, I should have been observant with my driving. This encounter has firmed my belief that if officers are treated with respect, questions are answered honestly and motorists ease the situation by making the officers feel there is no threat, we can understand the job that these Troopers are out there doing. Granted there is a sector of people that believe that there is a "quota" to be made as far as moving violations each month. I believe this encounter has swayed me to believe otherwise as it impressed upon me that Troopers are there for our safety and not necessarily revenue.

I have always respected the fact that officers put their life on the line everyday and every situation they encounter on the road should be treated with caution. I appreciate this and I don't think that Troopers get the recognition of what just exactly their job entails. I also picked up that Trooper Fuentes seems to have a great attitude about life as well. He smiled the entire time we had our conversation. He seems like a good guy.

Again, thank you Tpr. Fuentes and understand that there are those out there that appreciate what you do.

Mitch English


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